Tame the Flame Now

Tame the Flame Now

Our brand-new release on health & wellness.

Tame The Flame Now is a book about Stress, Inflammation, and Cortisol; the new Bermuda Triangle of Trouble.  It is written for you by experts and is scientifically referenced and peer reviewed.

The book takes the reader on a journey to discover health and wellness again in their life.  It starts by pointing out how bad our state of health is in the United States, considering that we have the best medical system in the world.  We should be leading the world in health, wellness, and longevity, but sadly the U.S. is incredibly lagging behind the rest of the world.

Stress, Inflammation, and Cortisol are all explored in detail how they play a crucial part in diseases and poor health.  Then the three sides of the triangle are woven together to explain how this mess was created, with some surprising and shocking revelations.

To keep the information personal, each chapter starts with a true story by everyday people caught in this triangle of trouble.   The reader will be able to identify quite well with thes stories from amazing people.

The book then explores solutions through the healing powers of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.  There is a shift from the medical model into the psychological model and spiritual model of healing.  Practical and proven solutions are offered to the reader.

The book concludes with a “this is how you do it” chapter.  This chapter doesn’t explain the why just the how to get healthier and well.

This combination makes Tame The Flame Now a must read for laypeople and professionals alike.  The purpose of the book is not to contradict main stream medicine and psychology, but to go upstream and offer guidance for a healthier lifestyle.  Hopefully when these suggestions end up downstream the person will need less or no medical interventions.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Reader Reviews

“Inflammation is at the core of virtually every chronic disease. Inflammation is not only a difficult concept to understand, but challenging to realistically reverse. Tame the Flame Now™ does a remarkable job in helping the reader accomplish both goals. It is a comprehensive book that should be read by every individual, as well as every physician in America, if we want better health care in the 21st century.”

-Barry Sears, Ph.D., author of The Zone

“This book is a classic journey through an up-to-date check-list of lifestyle habits designed to create a better you. Dr. Kennedy expertly weaves the principles of inflammation, cortisol and stress into an entertaining and reader-friendly book. Truly an essential addition to anyone’s library of healthy-living aids.”  

-Ralph E Carson, RD, Ph.D. executive director of FitRx Brentwood, TN and author of The Brain Fix

“Dr. Kennedy eloquently outlines the reasons why chronic stress and inflammation, along with prolonged exposure to the hormone cortisol, lead to the development of major health problems, including obesity. This trifecta puts people in a dangerous place he terms as the “New Bermuda Triangle.” To avoid being trapped in this triangle, Dr. Kennedy gives you practical solutions that include simple-to-follow dietary changes and tools to help modify unhealthful behaviors. Everyone who reads “Tame the Flame Now™” will be able to navigate far from the “New Bermuda Triangle.” This information, which you now have in your possession, can save your life.”  

-Denise Bruner, M.D., obesity and anti-aging specialist

“Dr. Kennedy’s book is a must-read, well-organized approach, that clearly explains the foundational principles towards better health with less stress and inflammation. The way Dr. Kennedy ties in real-life stories with humor makes learning fun! I was entertained in a topic I have studied for years. This will be my go-to guide for many years to come.”  

-Wendy Weaver, B.S., CWWPM, CWWS, CPT, CHEK. Wellness consultant Humana

“Not being an avid reader, I found “Tame the Flame Now™” to be a particularly fascinating book full of highly valuable information, and it has given me guidance on my existing health issues. I highly recommend this book to all for a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for an exceptional user friendly manual to a healthier life.”  

- Michael Stapleton, maintenance engineer

“Tame the Flame Now™ is power-packed with the latest research regarding the necessary steps to a healthier life. The interesting irony regarding the latest research is the fact that often the steps to an improved life style are not ‘over-the-counter drugs’, but down to earth advice given to us by our grandparents. The maxims: “get a good night’s sleep, go out and play, eat your vegetables” were repeated until the phrases almost became cliché. However, as the book documents and the latest research supports, this age-old advice is even more valid now. ‘Now’ is the time when food manufacturers have made our food risky to good health. Dr. Kennedy has prepared a user manual for modern health, and the book could be a handbook for coming ‘out of the flame’. Read, learn, enjoy, and eat more dark Chocolate.”  

-Ellen Jones, M.Ed., retired English teacher

“I feel Tame the Flame Now™ truly brings to light the underlying reasoning of why we find ourselves where we are. It is a brilliant presentation of not only the medical aspects, but also the psychological components, which affect each one of us. Dr. Kennedy has a fabulous and funny way of “dumbing it down” for us laypeople. Tame the Flame Now™ is not only an awesome wealth of information, but it includes a strategic plan to implement it. It is a must-read book if you want to learn the key to be of sound-mind and sound-body...healthy from the inside out...for life. It’s never too late to start!”  

-Debbie Wolfe, RMR, CRR, CLR court reporter

“Tame the Flame Now™ offers readers a clear lifestyle choice, where we may all choose to reduce and prevent chronic illnesses in our lives. Dr. Kennedy uses well-written scientific data to humorously and simplistically explain that which is very complex. We can avoid the “New Bermuda Triangle” and begin to live a better quality of life. This is a must-read for my patients.”  

-Patricia O’Brien, RN, MSN, CPHQ, Healthcare Consultant / Health Coach

“Dr. Kennedy has his finger on the pulse. With his insight, breadth of experience, and wisdom, his book “Tame the Flame Now” is an empirical guide on how to live one’s life in a healthy, happy, fit, and peaceful way! He truly is a remarkable person and shares his knowledge in a way that is sensible, easy-to-digest, and enjoyable for all of us on our Journey...A True Gem!”  

-Jaclyn Divine, Founder of Natural Health Solutions 4 Life, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Wellness Consultant

“Throughout this important work, Dr. Kennedy clearly elucidates the interrelationships between stress, cortisol and inflammation, then provides solidly researched yet elegantly simple solutions to this modern epidemic.”  

-Anne E. Roberts, MD, physician and lecturer in Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Medicine. Conducted research at Yale University in catecholamine (stress hormone) thermogenesis.