Companion Guide

Tame the Flame Now - Companion Guide

Insight and activities to help Tame the Flame Now and promote longterm Health and Wellness

Tame The Flame Now — Companion Guide is a workbook to help you Tame the Flame Now.  People often want more information and suggestions for improving their lives, and the Companion Guide offers just that.

The Companion Guide provides positive solutions for solving everyday problems that are putting people in the flame of Stress, Inflammation, and Cortisol.  Exercises that provoke soul searching and honesty with yourself are presented in a very easy to understand format.

The first few sections deal with how to get out of the mess outline in the main book.  Then the guide takes a shift and addressed the psychological and spiritual parts of life.

In addition, information on addiction and recovery is introduced and the information might surprise you.  Also, revolutionary products that tame the flame are discussed.  There have been some amazing discoveries recently and they are revealed.

You won’t want to miss the exciting information and motivation that the Tame The Flame Now - Companion Guide brings.