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From best-sellers to recently released, browse our list of authored books to see how you can start your health journey!

Tame the Flame Now

Tame the Flame Now is our newest book on Health and Wellness.  We navigate you away from the “Triangle of Trouble”, Stress, Cortisol, and Inflammation.

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Tame the Flame Now - Radically Free

Our first book on weight loss.  Start living a healthier life today and STOP letting yourself be a prisoner to your addictions and bad habits.

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Tame the Flame Now - Companion Guide

A workbook to help you Tame the Flame Now.  The Companion Guide offers more information and suggestions to improve your health and wellness.  Included are exercises that provoke soul searching and honesty with yourself, and are presented in a very easy to understand format.

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Tame the Flame Now - Behavior Modification Guide

Our newest workbook provides steps to Tame the Flame Now through Behavior Modification.  The only way to regain Health and Wellness is through change, and true change is done through Behavior Modification.

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