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Dr. Kennedy

Machiel N. Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy is a licensed medical doctor from Indiana University who is board certified in Family Medicine (AAFM) and Obesity Medicine (ABOM). He has over 35 years of experience in private practice, wellness programs, weight management, preventive medicine, medical motivation, and patient education.

Dr. Kennedy speaks for different companies and conducts seminars on weight loss and healthy lifestyles. He has authored 5 books. The latest, which he co-authored with Dr. Steven Warren, is Radically Free, The Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Approach to Wellness and Weight Loss.

Dr. Kennedy takes a holistic approach to weight loss and health that begins by focusing on the inner you. Dr. Kennedy invites you to see yourself as a whole person- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to make an inner commitment to health and well-being. Take charge of your life: set reasonable goals, stay motivated, be accountable for your actions, eat healthy foods in moderation, get plenty of physical activity and exercise, avoid junk food, attend to your spiritual growth, get enough sleep, breathe deeply, relax, have fun, and stay true to your goal to be forever fit.


Steven E. Warren
M.D., D.P.A.

Dr. Warren obtained his BA and MSCM from University of Utah and his MD and DPA (Doctor of Public Administration) from George Washington University. He completed a residency in Family Medicine, as well as Preventive Medicine, and then practiced as a frontier family physician for 10 years.

Later Dr. Warren became involved as a medical director for several nursing homes and hospice/home health groups practicing geriatric medicine for 15 years. Dr. Warren currently is an addiction medicine specialist, and due to his training has been involved in nutrition and its impact on aging and health.

Dr. Warren has been involved in several companies as a medical director and formulator of healthy anti-aging products. He is currently prompting a new healthy diet program both to the public as well as to health care providers. He has spoken throughout the world on the impact of food being medicine, but has the greatest occupation of being a father to 7 wonderful children and a husband to his artistic wife. Dr. Warren has seen the consequences of not taking care of one's body and is now trying to educate the public on what they can do to live healthy every day.

Terry Collier

Terry L. Collier

Dr. Collier earned his Doctorate of Education (School of Behavioral Science Psychology) from Argosy University, holds a M.A. in psychology from Norwich University, another M.A. in Theology from Anderson University, and his B.A. from Warner University in Theology/Psychology.

Dr. Collier has over 25 years of experience in the field of psychology.

He currently serves as Vice President for Advance Wellness Services, a medical provider for senior living communities, and is Director for the Anona Family Life Counseling Center at Anona United Methodist Church (a congregation with 7,000 members).

Dr. Collier specializes in marriage and family, crisis and trauma, as well as grief and divorce counseling. He is a renowned guest speaker at special events and helps financial advancement for several non-profit corporations that focus on veterans, domestic violence, life skills, and education.

Dr. Collier is affiliated with numerous civic and humanitarian service boards. They include Inside Out Community Ministries, Rotary Club of Seminole (President 2005 – 2006),

Hands Across the Bay (Board of Directors), Legacy Community Foundation (founding Executive Director), Heart to Honduras (Board of Directors), Viet Nam Development (underground Board of Directors), Fresh Start Prison Re-Entry Program, NICC Professional Counseling Organization, TLC Ministries, INC. (President/CEO), River of life, (Board of Directors/Vet Housing Program), American Psychotherapy Association, American Counseling Association, and Angels Against Abuse.

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